Real estate law is the umbrella law for anything to do with land and man-made attachments to it, such as houses, garages, outbuildings, etc. It covers who has the rights to own and use the property, such as homeowners, renters, buyers, sellers, realtors and landlords. Commercial and residential areas both fall under this category. Real estate law is a way of protecting buyers and sellers in real estate transactions, contracts and recording of sales, etc. It deals with covenants and associations involved with real estate as well as condominium law.

The lawyers in Scholz, Loos, Palmer, Siebers & Duesterhaus LLP are experienced in general real estate matters as well as highly technical aspects of real estate transactions. Steven E. Siebers and Christopher G. Scholz are our resident advisers on real estate laws. Our firm regularly represents buyers, sellers and developers. We are knowledgeable in the area of organization and corporate governance of condominium developments as well as condominium associations. 

We can assist in navigating all types of real estate transactions, from residential sales to multiple tract commercial developments. We also guide our clients through zoning and regulatory issues associated with real estate acquisitions.



Zoning Laws

Real Estate Contracts

Developer Regulations


Protective Covenants

Homeowner Associations

Leases: Private and Commercial
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